10 Unusual Substitutes for Mayonnaise in Coleslaw

Mayonnaise with a squeeze of lemon or splash of vinegar is a common base for creamy coleslaw dressing. Without the mayonnaise, vinegar-based coleslaw has a more tangy, fresh taste.

Fresh mandarin oranges are wonderful since they need little effort on your part. Their skin is often paper thin and easily torn off. When combined with coconut shrimp or grilled chicken

Certainly, grilled corn tastes fantastic on its own as a side dish. But another great approach to add a new dimension of flavor is to mix it into some slaw. It can add a smoky, creamy richness that really elevates traditional coleslaw.


Apples are the next fruit on the list of fruits that work well in coleslaw. The choice of apple is entirely up to individual taste, as many varieties are suitable for this purpose.

Nuts are a classy move. They add a nutty taste and crunch to the coleslaw without making it too tough to chew. 

Fresh ginger can revitalize and rejuvenate a dish like coleslaw with its unique blend of tangy and earthy flavors. We suggest picking up a fresh knob and grinding it into a paste.

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