13 British Shorthair cat facts you didn't know

The British Shorthair is a sturdy cat with thick muscles and strong bones. They aren't as big as Ragdolls or Main Coons, but they're still too heavy to pick up and cuddle on a whim

The American version of a popular cat food brand According to Purina, the Romans brought this type of cat in the first century AD to help control rodents, insects, and snakes in their camps. 

Both the physical and mental characteristics of British Shorthairs take their sweet time developing. They mature into their full size and weight between the ages of three and five,


In the 19th century, the British Shorthair was intentionally bred to have a specific coat color (a blue-gray hue) and was given the name British Blue. However, they are now available in many other hues.  

The British Shorthair cat breed is well-liked because of its gentle temperament, placid demeanor, and undying devotion to its human family. Cats like the British Shorthair are calm

British Shorthair cats, as the name might imply, have short hair and require only weekly (or less frequently) grooming. Seasonal shedding is the only time you'll need to pay extra attention to these cats' coats

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