13 Delicious Peanut Butter Recipes Peanut Butter Addicts

Peanut Butter Cookies are baked using whole wheat flour and sweetened with honey. The taste is comforting and nutty, like peanut butter, and deep.

Keep a supply of this time-tested delicacy on hand at all times. Smaller and healthier than store-bought varieties, homemade peanut butter cups are a guilt-free snack option.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt Bark a shot if you're a fan of frozen desserts. You'll love the cool, refreshing taste and the rich peanut butter flavor.


The flour component is optional in peanut butter bread. You can use a nut or seed butter with a milder flavor to transform this delicious breakfast bread into a sandwich.

Few things are more decadent than peanut butter pie. A surprise element makes this one stand out. Yogurt Greek! No, that's not the topping

Enjoy peanut butter cups? For breakfast, try this healthier option. Our Peanut Butter Cup Oatmeal tastes like the candy in a nutritious bowl of oats. Breakfast is win-win.

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