20 New Ways with Old Favorites

A dish of apple pie smoothies dish tastes like apple pie but is served in a bowl and topped with apples, almonds, maple syrup, and nutmeg.

Adding avocado is a fun twist on traditional deviled eggs. This recipe from All Recipes includes the benefits of that recognized superfood and is topped with turkey bacon and jalapenos.

If you could replace the mayonnaise in potato salad, it would be much healthier. Actually, you can, and it's the same technique used to make deviled eggs.


Chai is not a spice but rather a tea that has been flavored with a variety of spices. Once Upon a Chef's banana bread has allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger in addition to half a cup of sour cream.

The cheeseburger soup recipe from Salt & Lavender features ground beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickles, and potatoes. It's a cheeseburger, in soup form

Toffee with a kick of chili The practice of seasoning chocolate with peppers or chili powder is common in other nations but virtually unknown in the United States

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