25 Delicious Biscuit Recipes to Complement Any Meal

Several years ago, when discussing sourdough bread, a buddy gave me this recipe. Enjoy these tender sourdough biscuits warm from the oven.

I based these on her biscuit recipe, but I added my own twist. I love making them with my kids because it's like she's right there with us.

You can't go wrong with these biscuits and a bowl of soup. I've tried making them with both white bread flour and whole wheat flour, and both versions turned out great. 


These homemade buttermilk biscuits just require four ingredients and the recipe has been passed down through the centuries.

These desserts are so simple to make that I feel bad giving out the recipe. Use buttermilk biscuits that have been kept in the refrigerator, sugar, cinnamon, and your preferred fruit preserves for a quick and easy dessert.

The addition of homemade biscuits to a dinner makes it feel more homey and cozy. My grandma's biscuits are the perfect complement to her crab soup.

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