3 Naturally Innovative Zodiacs

The zodiac sign Aquarius Aquarius, there is a good reason why many refer to you as the crazed researchers of the zodiac

You are not only the rarest sign, but also the sign that is especially able to incorporate shocking change into your belief system.

As a permanent air sign, you have the ability to embrace new experiences with an appropriate balance of caution and optimism, which enables others to feel secure in your presence.


Aries To an Aries, there is no such thing as a danger; rather, everything can be seen as an opportunity. You are the perfect candidate for a leadership post because

regardless of what form that function may take. Even if your tendency to "act first and think later" can get you into some sticky situations on occasion

Sagittarius (Latin: Sagittarius, if I were to describe you using just three words, I would say that you are cultured, spontaneous, and spirited. You have no fear of change

because you recognize that it is an unavoidable part of the ever-changing tides of life, and because you were born under the mutable fire sign, you are hardwired to be both adaptive and courageous

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