3 Zodiac Signs Betrayed by Libra Moon

Cancer You don't want to discover out you've given all your trust to someone who is clearly disrespecting that honor, but on August 20, 2023, you'll learn the truth about the one person you thought you could trust.

Cancer, your world is going to change, and you hate it. But remember: you never failed. Even under pressure, you've always come through, and you will again.

Sagittarius You realize life is full of betrayals, and as they mount up, you take them less seriously. They hurt, but you've learned not to let someone else's stupid choice wreck your world.


Moon in Libra helps you comprehend that individuals aren't flawless and have their own issues. Acceptance doesn't make anything right, but it eases the agony. 

Aquarius You hate treachery, yet you don't understand why someone would lie to you. Unfortunately, August 20, 2023 goes that way. During Moon in Libra, your 'good' friend will prove they aren't so nice

 because you trusted them and bonded with them, their blatant betrayal truly upsets you. You'll experience wrath and resentment at first

Aquarius, you will get through this, but it may take time because you digest hurt slowly. Understanding someone else's logic is too difficult.

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