3 Zodiacs Waiting for Summer to End

Taurus What's especially cozy? You can get out your coziest blankets as the air cools and the leaves fall. The fragrance of fallen leaves and the first breath wisps

 your lenses as you step outside. Already a homebody, fall is more fun at home. Sweating in summer is different. As fall approaches, you wish the heat and brightness would slow down

Virgo You may not admit it, but you love fall's basics. You want pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, or hot cocoa. Nobody should argue about who is best—they all belong in the fall pantheon.


. You're already pulling out fall-themed candles and storing your shorts and flip-flops, even though summer is still going on. This may make you simple

Scorpio Scary season is your life. You may have started Halloween decorations or pulled out your gothest outfits even if summer is still going on. You get black jeans and scary movie tees 24/7. Y

're the one telling terrifying stories over the beach bonfire, despite swimming in the July sun.

 You're organizing Halloween decorations and have a long list of scary movies to scare your friends with for months. Whether they like it or not, Halloween is here.

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