3 Zodiacs Who Should Do Morning Pages To Maximize Potential

Gemini Gemini, you are a lifelong learner and intellectual with many ideas but no time to implement them. How could you? The day has limited hours.

 Mercury rules you, making you a skilled communicator and writer, but your compulsive nature can lead you to hop from project to project without direction.

Developing a habit that helps you be your best is the secret to diligence. You'll appreciate a healthy morning routine that prepares you for success with all your energy.


Virgo Virgo, you're picky about what you communicate because you fear judgment when you're not at your best. Mercury rules your first house of identity 

making writing and communication your priority. Your private behaviors will boost you in public, bringing you closer to your goals.

Aries Upon waking up, Aries is spontaneous and active. Sit down with coffee and write in the morning instead of scrolling. 

 With Gemini in your third house of communication and writing, you are good at expressing your opinions, but not necessarily good at arranging them due to your busy brain.

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