4 toxic zodiac pairs

Scorpio + Aquarius These two indicators are completely different emotionally. Air sign Aquarius motives by logic and reason. They regularly disengage from their feelings. No one compartmentalizes like Aquarius. 

 This zodiac sign has trouble expressing and comprehending their emotions. They'll avoid them at all costs. Runaway Aquarians are lousy at facing their vulnerabilities.

Scorpios are emotional due to their watery nature. Everything they feel is intense and must be discussed. They're sensitive to their own and others' emotions


TAU + LEO If you believe these two pleasure-seekers have enough in common to make it work, you're wrong. Ego and pride prevent Leo and Taurus from having a harmonious connection. 

Scorpio knows when to rest to let the other Scorpio feel in charge. They break taboos and experiment in their sex life. 

aSCORPIO + Consider this partnership a fierce passion storm. This love has extreme highs and lows. Scorpio-Scorpio relationships are addicting because they covertly turn on each other.

TAURUS + PISCES From the outset, Sagittarius and Pisces spark. The rich and secluded inner world of Pisces makes them feel unknowable. This characteristic captivates Sag, who wants to learn everything about Pisces. P

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