4 Zodiac Signs Get Bored In Relationships Easily

It’s perfectly normal to have moments of boredom in a relationship. Not every day can be zesty and exciting, and it does take work to keep a spark alive. 

Aries is an energetic fire sign ruled by Mars — and that 100% explains why you can’t sit still. While you love the idea of a relationship, it’s not uncommon for you to feel bored or tied down 

"Aries doesn’t want to overthink anything, but would rather just dive right into an experience, then find the next thing  


As a chatty, quick-thinking air sign, nothing makes you glaze over quite like a boring conversation.  your head is packed full of thoughts and ideas 

As a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, you need to get out, wander, and see new things. "It’s not merely for the sake of the experiences 

For Aquarius, nothing’s worse than doing the same thing day in and day out, Cardinal says. As an infamously quirky air sign, you need to try new things in order to feed your brain. 

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