4 Zodiacs Rewriting History Mercury Retrograde

Cancer Behind the parental tenderness and delicate features is a furtive, all-knowing detective. Cancer, you can solve any riddle and reveal others' secrets because the moon rules you

 Mercury retrograde in your third house of communication, siblings, early schooling, and community may make you nostalgic for childhood themes you love.

Libra Venus, your ruling planet, goes straight on September 3rd after one of the cruelest summers. Libra, Mercury will keep your twelfth house of dreams, secrets, narcotics, and mysticism active


 Sleep more and enjoy creative and spiritual breakthroughs. Jupiter opposing Mercury on your sixth-twelfth house axis means you'll likely return to some soothing habits 

Aquarius Aquarius, after partnerships finish, you like to close that book and start looking for a new one to occupy your frenzied mental activity. So this Mercury retrograde will shake things up for you

You may be tempted since your ruling planet, Uranus, will form a harmonic trine to Mercury in your eighth house of sex, death, the occult, and other people's money.

Pisces You give naturally, Pisces, but you also indulge in pity parties. This Mercury retrograde, your seventh house of marriage, alliances, and lovers opposes your first house of personal identification, so you may have to give in to your martyr complex

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