4 Zodiacs Who Should Stay Home Today in Pajamas

ARIES Today is too much for Aries. Today, just once, let yourself not perform despite the sun blazing, your phone blowing up, and all the pressure in the world

 The planet will keep moving without destroying anything. It will all be there in 24 hours, ready for your new eyes

CANCER Cancer, no one could break your love bubble. You're too busy to worry about groceries, bills, or emails, so take a mental health day—your mental health is at an all-time high and deserves to be honored.


 Listen to every music that reminds you of anything noteworthy. Do anything your heart wishes and adulthood calls irresponsible or lazy.

LIBRA Your body is exhausted, Libra. You deserve a day off after your marathon or closet clean-out. The rules of inertia make it hard to slow down when you're used to go-go-go, but sometimes you need to brake most

 It merits praise. Enjoy a pint of ice cream and your favorite binge-worthy program under your favorite blanket. You worked hard every second.

AQUARIUS Aquarius, this week is dreamy. Everything is romanticized, like a movie montage when you stay indoors on a rainy day, peering out the window sipping coffee or typing away, lost in urgent and meaningful thoughts

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