5 Distinct Variations Between Male and Female Belgian Malinois

In larger dog breeds, males tend to be much larger than females. Males average 60-80 pounds and a shoulder height of 24-26 inches. Women stand between 22 and 24 inches tall 

Males, especially those that have not been neutered, have a tendency to be a little more domineering than females. Almost certainly, testosterone plays a role in this

Hormonal fluctuations are more common in women and might contribute to mood swings. It's possible that females will change their level of affection while they're in heat.


At roughly two years of age (when they are "teens"), boys can be very obstinate. They become more autonomous and obstinate as a result of puberty.

Women are not excluded from this change. All dogs, like all people, go through changes in personality as they approach sexual maturity.

Yes! Male or female, all Belgian Malinoises have the same protective nature. Since they are one of the most protective dog breeds, they require extensive training and socialization

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