5 Dog breeds that are known for their disobedience

Akitas were first developed in Japan to serve as royal bodyguards, but they were also put to work hunting big animals. Their protective nature causes them to be suspicious of strangers

The Lakeland terrier is a canine breed that, similar to other terriers, is bold, full of energy, and requires a great deal of attention and exercise

Despite the fact that Lhasa apsos have the appearance of cute little lap dogs, they are actually one of the most robust and independent-minded canines in the category of smaller dog breeds.


Bull terriers are sociable, bouncy canines that are frequently compared to mischievous babies due to their tendency to get into mischief.

It is crucial to maintain consistency with their teaching and to use tough discipline when it is necessary, despite the fact that their lovable and comedic characteristics make it difficult to say no to them.

Great Pyrenees can be defiantly independent and suspicious of authority if they are not instilled with confidence at an early stage in their training. 

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