5 Most Effective Stretches for Runners

The quadriceps are your body's largest muscle. They begin at the front of your leg and finish just above your knee. Because of their size and the central role they play in leg extension

The hamstrings are a group of muscles located between the hip and the knee on the back of each upper leg. The hamstrings are easily injured, therefore it's crucial that you warm them up and stretch them

When you run, you rely on the muscles of your hip flexors, which extend from the side of your lower back down into your hips, to pull your legs and knees in toward your body.


The calf is the largest muscle in the lower leg, and it's found towards the back of the thigh, below the knee, and connecting to the heel through the Achilles tendon.

Obliques are the primary goal of side stretches, but abdominals can benefit from the elongation as well. Maintaining a stretched-out core is crucial for running stability and range of motion.

To improve your range of motion and flexibility before a run and get your blood pumping, try some dynamic stretches. Even the muscle damage caused by sprinting can be mitigated by stretching.

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