5-Zodiacs Who Never Give Second Chances

Taurus A Taurus is proud and takes time to fall in love, but when they do, they offer their all. So if someone breaks their heart or betrays them, they take it personally 

Due to their inability to trust or love, they choose themselves over others and cannot be reforme

Leo Not only are they proud, but they desire revenge when harmed. Leos are sharp and can read people, therefore if you trick one


, they will never let you back in their life and will retaliate instantly. They are the most affected, thus they never forgive or forget. 

Libra A Libra will always give you the benefit of the doubt and may overlook serious issues to retain you in their life. However, if you abuse their forgiveness, they will finally give up on you

ou say or do will change their view. They let a lot go, but when they break, it's game over.  

aScorpio Scorpios don't like being given their own medicine because they're used to driving others crazy and destroying their hearts. They're competitive, so losing you feels like a great loss

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