50+ hilarious Pictures of why cats are nature's glitteriest creation.

Cats are incredibly intelligent creatures, yet even they sometimes experience brain freezes where nothing makes sense and they forget how to act like cats for a while.

These stunning images prove that when a cat's mind goes blank, it may still appear adorable. You'll see the funny and briefly bewildered sides of cats in this collection of cute pictures.

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, our minds go blank and we can't get back on track, even if only for a moment. This cat is living proof that the condition is not limited to humans.


It appears like this cat has been caught in the act and is at a loss as to what to do next. Reduce your distance and give them time to continue as before...

It looks like this cat has mistaken itself for a turtle. The relaxed pace of life is perfect for them.

This feline appears to have reached its breaking point and would benefit from a reset to factory defaults.

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