7 Ways To Bring Back The Spark In Your Relationship

One way to reignite the flame is to revisit the shared passions that first drew you together. When it comes to finding common ground, Vedic astrology can be a useful tool

Strong relationships are built on strong communication. Mercury, the planet of trade and communication, is analyzed in Vedic astrology. You can gain valuable insight into your communication habits

The significance of making time for one another when everyone's schedules are so full. To deduce a person's character traits, Vedic astrology analyzes the placement of planets at the time of their birth.


Rekindling the flame requires emotional closeness between partners. The Moon, a symbol of the psyche in Vedic astrology, is taken into account while analyzing a person's natal chart

Spontaneity and unexpected events can add spark to a partnership. You can learn more about your partner's likes and dislikes through Vedic astrology. 

Showing appreciation and affection can do wonders for reigniting a smoldering relationship. Venus is the planet of love and relationships in Vedic astrology

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