A Low-Calorie Diet: What to Eat

What can you eat low-calorie? Low-calorie diets are recommended for weight loss. A low-calorie diet creates a calorie deficit so your body uses energy storage as fuel. A low-calorie diet typically limits daily calories to 1,000-1,500

Many obesity societies and guidelines recommend a 500–750-calorie deficit per day for weight loss on this diet, but consult your doctor first. 

.Example low-calorie diet meal plan A low-calorie menu for a 1,500-calorie-per-day diet:Low-calorie diet pros Weight management has no ideal method


. Some people (not all) find success with a low-calorie diet for weight management.

A low-calorie diet is easy to follow if you know your daily calorie limit. No food is "off limits," so you can still enjoy your favorite pleasures if you account for calories.

Cons of low-calorie eating A low-calorie diet may aid weight loss. This diet has dangers and is not for everyone.

Since a low-calorie diet reduces food intake, you may not eat enough to meet vitamin and mineral requirements.

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