America's Favorite Dog Breeds

RetrieversThe Labrador Retriever was designed as a companion and working dog. They traditionally worked as fisherman's helpers. They carried nets, ropes, and fish from the cold North Atlantic

 The modern Labrador Retriever is as kind and hardworking as its forefathers. Labs are America's most popular breeds. Today, Labs are hunters' retrievers

 Shepherd Dog German Intelligent and capable working canines, German Shepherds. Their courage and devotion are unrivaled. Their versatility makes them great at practically whatever


Golden RetrieversFriendly and tolerant, the breed makes a great family pet. And their intelligence makes them great working dogs. Golden Retrievers excel at hunting, tracking, drug detection, therapy, and aid. 

 BulldogsBulldogs were historically used to drive livestock to market and compete in brutal bullbaiting. They now enjoy kids and are nice friends.

 BeaglesSmall, small, and hardy, Beagles are energetic kids and adults. This breed of hounds is happy and playful, but they may be stubborn and require patient, imaginative training. 

 French BulldogsThe French Bulldog has long been a companion dog. They were small Bulldogs created in England and brought to France by English lacemakers, where they were named Frenchies

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