Astrologer's Zodiac Sign Hair Color

Hair colors like copper and and fiery red are favored by those born under the sign of Aries. "These colors reflect your passionate and energetic nature, "

Taurus, nothing puts you more at ease than a warm chestnut tone. “Grounded and practical, you prefer natural hair colors like dark brown or rich brunette

“Geminis can pull off playful and dynamic hair colors,” Solaris adds, explaining your love of pink, lavender, and ice blonde.


Cancer, you'll let your hair gray. You appreciate creating a relaxing atmosphere for others as a moon-ruled water sign. Silver and gray tones evoke motherhood 

Always feel best with a brilliant blonde, Leo. Solaris advises confident Leos might wear blonde or gold hair to show off their charisma and desire to stand out.

Dye your hair deep burgundy and everyone will know you're a Scorpio. Scorpios are the sexiest, most secretive zodiac sign, according to Solaris

You don't care about your hair color or haircut, so try electrifying blues or brilliant greens. They'll match your boldness and make you cooler.

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