Best Food States in the US

 IllinoisLincoln and deep-dish pizza start our Top 5 list. Chicagoans are more serious about hot dogs than anybody else, although their cuisine is influenced by Polish, Italian, Mexica

Need more reasons to appreciate this state's food? One word: Kronos. The world's largest gyros manufacturer is her

 Texas: The Lone Star State Tex-Mex, a winning combination, is influenced by the many Czech and German immigrants that live in Texas.


Better then, Texas BBQ is great if you can take 10-gallon hats, line dancing, and a thick accent. Texas' slow roasting uses meat, unlike other barbecue cities

. Louisiana: The Pelican State Bayou State eating customs are among the most serious in the world. Everyone gains when Creole and Cajun cuisines battle for supremacy.

NY Nickname: Empire State The Empire State's food is more than bagels and pizza, so let's just say it's hard to summarize. Nowhere else would we obtain a bagel or pizza. 

 California: Fish and shrimp tacos Avocados were our motive for choosing California. Just kidding. We chose it for several reasons, but avocados were the greatest. 

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