Best Gifts for Dogs and Their Human Companions

Mini ornaments make great presents for dog owners; artist Clare Spooner can paint a portrait of your pet from a photo you send her. These paintings, which are only 2" by 3" and framed in metal, are perfect for stuffing stockings.

These holiday-themed dog toys will keep them entertained for hours with to their many different textures, challenges, and noises (think puzzles, squeakers, crinkly filler, and giggle sticks).

This cute bowl is offered in four different hues (red, royal blue, black, and navy) so you can easily match or switch out the water and food bowls as needed.


If your dog enjoys digging and sniffing, they will adore this interactive toy. You may play a fun game with them by hiding treats or kibble in the pockets of the (almost indestructible) canvas layers.

Stocking stuffers for stinky dogs (and cats) should include probiotic spray. Avocado and topical probiotics keep your dog's skin and coat moisturized and odor-free in between washes. 

This treat jar from Le Creuset is a nice addition to their existing collection and will look great sitting out on the counter. Stuff the jar with some freeze-dried liver treats from have Joy

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