Common False Cat Myths

 Cats passive-aggressively void outside the litter box and ignore owners when they return.

Cats'll survive a weekend with an automatic feeder and a large water dish, but will they be happy? Not at all. 

Cats require less care than dogs, but they're not pet rocks. They require love and attention, but they don't need a 24-hour pet sitter to walk them many times a day while you're on vacation.


Cat training is different from dog training, yet cats may be trained. Potty training a dog takes time and effort, while cats use the litter box automatically. 

 A dog wagging their tail is good, but cats get annoyed. Learning cat habits reduces the likelihood of an unpleasant swipe.

Cats are known for scratching unexpectedly. Though every cat and dog has a unique temperament, their behavior is more predictable than many cat beginners assume

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