Depression in Adults Over 50 is On the Rise

Adult singles organizations allow freshly divorced, widowed, or single persons to socialize. The goal is not to "fix people up" but to bring people with similar situations together.

Check your community's events if you don't know where to start. Get active in community events to socialize without doing something more official or personal. 

Volunteering can reduce loneliness. Helping others makes it simple to forget your problems. If you experience loss because your kids have gone off to college


Many people benefit from church activities and clubs. Working on church projects or with the church group puts you with like-minded people. Sharing hobbies with others is gratifying.

Your local YMCA or fitness club may offer older people classes and other activities. Check them out without hesitation. Many women and guys your age are there to become fit 

Sign up for adult education if you wish to paint, sculpt, crochet/knit, play piano, or gain a degree. You'll be around others with similar or different interests

Participate in your favorite hobby. Plant a garden if you love it. If that's not possible, join a community garden. If there are no community gardens in your region

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