Dog breeds that are ideal for new owners

Rottweilers, who are known for protecting their families, benefit from regular lengthy walks or jogs. They are great for people who have never owned a pet 

Rafeiro do Alentejos are great for first-time dog owners since they are calm and quiet. This naturally guardian dog is quiet, fiercely loyal to its family, and easy to care for, requiring only an occasional bath and weekly brushing

The Perro de Presa Canario is a laid-back breed known for its kind nature and fierce loyalty. While they are extremely loyal to their families, Petfinder warns that new dog owners should keep in mind


Despite its shaggy appearance, the briard is a fantastic choice for first-time dog owners and is known for its history of family protection. The briard is highly affectionate, simple to teach

The American bulldog is a great family pet since it is calm and devoted to its human family. It is easily trained and very loyal to its family, although training should begin when the dog is still a puppy

Despite their superficial resemblance to cocker spaniels, which they are not, the origin of the Clumber spaniel is a mystery. These puppies are so loving and smart, that first-time dog owners will be impressed

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