Dogs who rarely make any noise, ranked.

Final Thoughts: Japanese Chin The Japanese chin is often compared to a cat's chin. They are wary and vigilant, yet they don't make much noise. T

The Chin is a fantastic apartment dog and a welcome member of any household, though he or she would be happier in a home without young children

the Bulldog triumphs. You might not immediately associate a bulldog with calmness, given that it is a brachycephalic (or short-headed) breed. 


 Their snoring sounds practically human, but despite this, they are very quiet when it comes to barking.

Keeping your bullies moving is important because they spend so much time napping and lounging around. 

While this makes them quiet, it also makes them vulnerable to gaining weight

Irish Setter is the Bottom Line While other hunting dogs tend to be more loud, the Irish Setter is noticeably quieter. With just about every family activity,

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