Each Zodiac Should Be Wary This Virgo Season

Aries This Virgo season, your tenacity could get you in problems. You shouldn't be so sure of your choices that you ignore others. 

Libra This Virgo season, don't let shyness steal possibilities. Be brave enough to pursue your goals, even if they disappoint. Some risks are worthwhile. 

Taurus Overthinking might be problematic during Virgo season. Thinking over the benefits and downsides is smart, but don't stress yourself sick. You don't want to worry about the future and miss the now.


Gemini Be careful not to criticize people this Virgo season. You may disagree with their choices, but they can live their own life

Cancer This Virgo season, your desire to help may backfire. Never assume everyone wants your aid. Not everyone will appreciate your intervention.

Leo Be careful not to dominate this Virgo season—you may drive others away. Keep in mind that relationships require compromise. You should listen even if you're right. 

Virgo Use caution during Virgo season to avoid burnout. You have high expectations, but you don't have to work 24/7.

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