Find the Top 5 Smartest Dog Breeds of 2023

The British Isles are where Border Collies, also known as canine brainiacs, initially showed their superior herding skills. They herd instinctively and precisely, like a ballet.

Border Collies love agility events, even if many still herd. The mental agility and synchronicity in these contests amazes everyone. Border Collies excel in herding and modern contests 

Poodles, the epitome of expensive grooming and beauty, are smart dogs who defy stereotypes. From Germany, they were skilled duck hunters.


Mini Aussies are powerful despite their little stature. While their name suggests Australian roots, they were designed in the US for herding smaller animals.

German Shepherds are strong, smart, and adaptable, making them authoritative. Their protective instincts and intellect made them popular for more difficult tasks after being bred in Germany for herding.

Golden Retrievers are loved worldwide for their fur, intelligence, and friendliness. From the Scottish Highlands, they were skilled hunters who could retrieve game from land and water.

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