Foods That Are Bad for You

Sugar Fills Soda Healthy Food America reports that half of Americans drink soda daily. Due to added sugar, soda is one of the unhealthiest foods

Side effects of regular drMicrowave Popcorn Causes "Popcorn Lung" Microwave popcorn is a tasty movie snack, but it includes dangerous chemicals. 

 Many popcorn products use trans fats and PFOA-lined packaging. This acid is highly poisonous.


Diacetyl (DA), a molecule that breaks down organ-protecting cells, gives butter its flavor. The deadly condition "popcorn lung" is connected to microwave popcorn

Frosting is Carcinogenic Frosting tastes great on cakes but is really unhealthy. Store-bought frostings contain hydrogenated soybean oil and cottonseed oil

Cancer-causing dyes are present in it, according to Nutrition Action. In addition, certain frostings include propylene glycol, which can cause renal damage.

Processed Cheese Isn't Real Some cheeses are healthy in moderation, but others should be avoided. The least healthy cheeses are processed ones like Kraft American Singles and Velveeta.

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