Foods that grow hair

Egg image courtesy of Shutterstock. High-protein eggs with biotin build and nourish hair. Since hair follicles are mostly protein, eating more protein helps them grow hair.

Keratin, the outer protein layer of hair, nails, and skin, requires biotin.Sweet Potatoes

Shutterstock. Beta-carotene in sweet potatoes is converted into Vitamin A, which is important for hair health. Vitamin A produces sebum


 Pumpkin image courtesy of Shutterstock. Pumpkin has many uses than just flavoring coffee or being a Halloween treat. The body converts beta-carotene in the superfood into vitamin A,

Most nuts include hair-growth ingredients, although walnuts are significantly better. Walnuts include Vitamin E, omega fats, and selenium, which nourish dry hair and develop new hair follicles

If you can avoid spoilage, avocados are calorie-dense fruits that strengthen hair follicles and decrease hair loss. Avocados' high calorie content provides the fats needed

Shutterstock image credit: oysters. Slimy sea superfood fans, rejoice! Oysters are rich in iron and zinc. Zinc keeps hair healthy and iron strengthens bones

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