Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight

French fries are heavy in calories and lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Most french fries are deep-fried, adding fat and cholesterol. 

 Baking potatoes decreases fat and cholesterol while retaining their flavor and texture.Processed Meats

Bacon, sausage, and deli meat are high in fat and calories. Preservatives like salt in these foods cause water retention. Sandwiches with fresh vegetables and non-processed cheeses on whole-grain bread are better.


Canva White pasta contains processed wheat and is unnutritional. They also raise blood sugar due to their poor fiber content.

 Whole-grain pasta has more protein and fiber, making it a better weight loss option.Chocolates photo

Chocolate bars are tasty but high in sugar, calories, and trans fats. These contents increase obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke risks.

Pizza is a popular fast dish heavy in calories, saturated fats, and sodium. Refined grains and hefty toppings like processed meats and high-fat cheeses make the crust high in calories.

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