Frozen Desserts with Few Calories

goodpop Goodpop popsicles have the fewest calories at 25 per pop. Like our childhood fruity popsicles, these are lower in sugar and better for your waistline

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helping you lose weight without overeating. There's fruit, rich chocolate, coffee, and even a birthday cake for everyone


EnlightenedNot many ice cream cones make this list, but these sundae cones do. These frozen delights are delicious for 140–150 calories. These cones have velvety ice cream, crunchy toppings, and a chocolate drizzle. T

Halo TopFor creamy pop lovers, these have 100 calories or less. They also contain fiber and 5–6 grams of filling protein. These two nutrients make a delicious pop that will satisfy your sweet appetite and help you lose weight by filling you up.

Diana'sThese frozen bananas are a healthy treat because of their inherent sweetness. These dark or milk chocolate-covered bananas are sweet and creamy.

These tasty selections include over 200 calories and more sugar than plain chocolate.6. Outshine Sugar-Free Popsicles

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