Gemstones To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Since the beginning of recorded history, people have looked up into the night sky to find direction and explanation in the constellations and other celestial bodies

Before we go into the gemstones that might boost your self-confidence, let's briefly discuss the science that lies behind these exquisite creations of nature. Gemstones are among the most beautiful works of nature

Ruby is a bright red gemstone that is associated with the Sun. It is a symbol of vitality and courage. Ruby is the birthstone for Aries and Leo. Putting on a ruby ring can rekindle the flame that burns within you


Citrine, sometimes known as the "Success Stone," is an excellent choice for Gemini and Virgo since it exudes positive energy and a wealth of opportunities. 

The calm blue sapphire, associated with Saturn, is said to improve one's ability to concentrate and maintain discipline. It is the birthstone for Taurus and Libra

Amethyst, a stone associated with spirituality, is recommended for people born under the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius because it calms anxious feelings and encourages the development of inner serenity.

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