Highest-IQ Dog breeds

Gordon Setter Gordon Setters, named after a Duke, are regal dogs from Scotland and England. Despite being developed to hunt, setters are noted for their intellect

Welsh Terrier When challenged, Welsh Terriers are good decision-makers and hunters. According to PetPonder, these terriers are rowdy at first for new owners but grow loyal 

 Old English Sheepdog Old English Shepherds are kind, good-natured, and need attention, according to Your Purebred Puppy. They are excellent watchdogs and thrive in protective environments.


English Springer Spaniel The original "gun dog" for field game shooting, English Springer Spaniels are faithful hunters and trackers and make great pets.

Australian Cattle Australian Cattle Dogs are alert and curious Herding Group breeds with a "instinctual ability" to regulate other animals, according to the American Kennel Club.

Border Collie Border Collies are legendary herders and the American Kennel Club says they are agile, balanced, and hardy.

Golden Retriever Golden Retrievers work hard, hands down. These dogs are the fourth smartest for obedience and working intelligence, according to The Smart Canine.

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