How compatible are Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs?

Intense Attraction: Leo-Scorpio relationships often start with magnetic attraction. 

Passion and Chemistry: Deep passion in this connection. Scorpio's powerful emotions and Leo's burning nature make a good fit.

Loyalty: Leo and Scorpio base their personality on loyalty. After committing, they are extremely loyal and protective.


Challenges and Power Struggles: Strong-willed Leo and Scorpio can clash. Scorpio wants control and Leo wants adulation, which might cause conflict. 

Ego Clashes: Both signs have big egos and can struggle over attention or domination. Both must learn to share the spotlight and appreciate each other's strengths.

Communicating and Being Open: Scorpio and Leo should practice honest communication. Scorpio should be more honest, and Leo should be patient with Scorpio's need for privacy.

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