How much do cats need to move around?

Cats should exercise often to stay fit and healthy. Activities like chewing and scratching can be prevented by encouraging movement and play.

Cats snooze, lounge, and groom and have short energy surges during the day and night. Toys, scratching posts, and human playtime give your cat exercise and mental stimulation.

Felines burn calories and stay fit with regular exercise. Prevention of obesity and related health issues like diabetes and arthritis is possible.


Boredom, anxiety, and despair can contribute to destructive behavior in cats, while exercise stimulates their minds. Interactive toys and activities can keep cats mentally entertained.

Interactive cat toys like food puzzles and battery-operated toys let cats play alone. Some cats bat about tiny toys like catnip mice or balls, but others lose interest if they can't play.

Wand toys are used by people to play with cats. Cats go crazy when their humans bring out the bird-on-a-stick or feather teaser. This play strengthens your bond with your cat.

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