How to Eat for Healthy Hair

The now-certified nutrition aesthetic practitioner and vice president of sales at hair care company LOMA noticed a simultaneous transformation 

As a professional in the hair care industry, Cole was extremely familiar with skinification, a conscientious formulation trend where skincare-inspired ingredients are included in hair care products. 

Besides these specifically designed clarifying and detoxing shampoos, which remove residue and buildup that clog pores and block hair from growing 


It turns out that beauty truly is more than skin deep, especially when it comes to luscious locks. To achieve hair goals at any texture, both effective products 

Hair follicles are rooted in the epidermis layer of the skin, which is made up of five sublayers that work together to continually rebuild the skin’s surface 

“There are certain nutrients and compounds in food that have a more direct impact on your hair health,” professional chef, nutritionist 

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