I'm curious as to how you recommend your dog spend each day.

Dogs need rest and wake-up time like humans. Give your dog time to stretch and stand when you take him out of his basket in the morning.

Your dog's size and activity level should determine feeding amounts. Dogs should eat several little meals daily. You should then stroll him.

Play and exercise follow breakfast. To keep healthy and happy, dogs require exercise and mental stimulation. Hide-and-seek and fetch can keep your dog busy and build your friendship


. Training or trickery are alternatives. Simple exercises like sit, down, and remain can help. Naturally, you can increase training difficulty with time.

After active play and training, dogs need a respite. Let your dog relax in his peaceful space. Dogs are active during the day, but they require rest and sleep to recharge. 

Your dog should spend evenings with you as part of the family. Cuddling and playing together strengthens your friendship.

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