Individualistic Signs of the Zodiac

Pisces The Fish is one of the most introverted zodiac signs. Introspection, sensitivity, and originality characterize them. Public events and vast crowds distract them from their inner fantasy. 

They only wake up from their vivid daydreams around others.

Famous Pisces Recluse: Bobby Fischer (born March 9), the greatest chess player ever, won the world title in 1972 but declined to defend it three years later. 


Capricorn Capricorns can be polite and helpful when they have time. However, their ambition and goal-setting make it hard to find time.

They're focused on the prize, and being social is a distraction. Despite appearing unpleasant and standoffish, they don't mean to be.

 Cancer Cancers are emotionally sensitive and easily hurt, so they hold grudges and withdraw rather than fight. Instead of eating at the best restaurants and going to the hottest clubs

Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett (born January 6) was a cancer recluse. Barrett founded the band and led them for one album before succumbing to drug-induced insanity 

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