Love Your Dog in Ways They Can Understand

Love makes your dog high on ear rubs Have you scratched behind your dog's ears and seen them lean into your palm and fall into a trance? Because ear rubs literally high-up your dog.

A dog's ears have nerve endings that convey impulses throughout the body, releasing endorphins. 

Natural “drugs” released when dogs experience love are these painkiller hormones.


Give your dog a handfeed. Hand-feeding puppies is advised by certain experts. This intimate encounter informs your dog that you're a food source and lowers food aggressiveness

 Tell them you adore them. A Science study discovered that dogs understand some human speech.An MRI scanner demonstrated that dogs were happiest 

Train your dog Training your dog allows you to express your affection through positive reinforcement. And it will strengthen your friendship.

. Hear what your dog says Did you know many dogs dislike being hugged? Additionally, they sometimes loathe direct contact. Some aren't delighted to meet your friends or strangers.

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