Most Volatile Zodiac Sign

Gemini Geminis, the twins, are unpredictable, making it hard to grasp their thoughts and acts.

This causes sudden opinions or directions. They may not be furious or aggressive, but their intense feelings can make them appear unpredictable.

Cancer Cancer continuously manages their own and others' emotions. They don't complain because they want everyone to be happy.


Water signs love to appear calm, but they're actually struggling. It can get so bad that they explode over any tiny thing.

Scorpio According to Bennet's Best Life article, Scorpio is ruled by two extremely aggressive and volatile planets: Mars and Pluto.

Aquarius The Aquarius's unquenchable thirst for knowledge and drive to improve the world give them a startling degree of instability.

Aries Aries Because it is ruled by the planet of conflict, Mercury, it should come as no surprise that Aries is as volatile as a volcano, ready to blow at any moment.

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