National Dog Day 2023: How many US dogs?

Humankinds’ friendship with dogs dates back over 15,000 years. All dogs are descended from wolves who preferred us as their companions instead of as their next meal and vice versa. 

The fellowship has been mutually beneficial with the worldwide population of dogs one of the largest for any one mammal.  

The number of dogs around the world is estimated to be around 900 million but an exact count is difficult as there are many places where they go uncounted. 


They resided in nearly 63.4 million American households with millennials the age group that are the most likely to have a furry friend. On average, Americans spend just over $1,200 per year pampering their pooch 

Dogs are as unique as their owners with more breeds than any other mammal. Breeding programs during the Victorian era brought about the modern ones we know today 

In the United States alone there are 200 recognized by the American Kennel Club. Fédération Cynologique Internationale, consisting of 98 member nations, recognized 356 breeds as of 2022. 

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