Rare to common Pomeranian coat colors

Lavender Pomeranians are the rarest of all the colors. These canines may have a purple name, but they're actually more brown than purple. They can have a variety of colors and patterns, including some white ones

The number of brindle Pomeranians is small. They often have a coat with at least two different hues, like as black and orange or brown and white. In addition to solid colors

Actually, the best way to characterize Pomeranians is as "light grey." But don't say that around the AKC or to any breeders! Officially, this shade is classified as "blue" for whatever purpose that may be.


Rare Pomeranians can also be found in a color called wolf sable. Their coat contains strands of many colors, including black, brown, and gray. The chest, paws, and tails of wolf sable Pomeranians may also be white or cream.

While white Pomeranians aren't as widespread as other dog breeds on this list, they're still more frequent than some of the others. These all-white dogs lack any other markings

In fact, black Pomeranians aren't as rare as you may think. You can find them pretty about anywhere in the United States, and they won't set you back an arm and a leg.

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