September New Moon Affects These 3 Zodiac Signs Most

Leo, you might want to rethink going on a spending frenzy. As a passionate fire sign, you have a tendency to act impulsively when it comes to matters of money. 

"The Virgo energy won't be forgiving of frivolous spending." Please use this as a prompt to evaluate and adjust your regular expenditure and long-term financial objectives.

Libra, have had a lot on your mind recently, and the upcoming new moon may make things even more stressful. Prepare for some harsh love, because Virgo's rigorous energy is forcing you to unpack the mental weights


"The influence of your 12th house won't let you get away with illusions, so make sure you are moving through your shadow work," Quinn advises.

This new moon is asking you to clear out [what you no longer need] so that you can experience the abundance of newness that is waiting for you," 

Examine your innermost motivations and consider how far you've come. Facing the things you've outgrown might be difficult, but the rewards are great.

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