Sign Your Dog Is Stressed

Research shows that dog interaction reduces anxiety and improves mood. However, dogs endure stress, and their people must aid them by identifying the indications.

No one wants to be stressed, even your dog," explains GoodPup training head Kait Hembree. "The biggest reason to recognize your dog's stress is to prevent it from worsening.

"A stressed dog may hide, stop seeking attention, eat less, and have less energy,"  "Stressed dogs often have home accidents, vomit, or diarrhea.Helping your dog manage stress keeps them healthy and active


"A lot of the time figuring out a dog's stress comes to challenge some preconceived ideas about dogs, such as that they're always happy,

It's hard to answer because each dog is different. Growling is an indication of tension.

"A growl [is a sign] their stress is reaching a point where they're warning you, very loudly, to leave them alone." "This can happen because we let our child use the family dog as a climbing frame

our dogs well and can quickly spot changes in demeanor, social interactions, vocalizations, energy level, and other behavioral indicators, such as lack of interest in food or play,

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