The Cutest Dogs in the World

Pomeranian One of the most popular Toy breeds, the Pomeranian is small but active. While they need a lot of socialization and training

These sweet bundles of fluff will never lose their puppy faces, and the fact that they remain so small surely helps with this,

Carbridge. These small firecrackers, descended from the German Spitz, were popular in the Victorian era due to their willfulness and loyalty


Maltese Small dogs have a long history as forever puppies. According to Carbridge, the Ancient Greeks and Romans called them Melitaie and used them on vases and murals.

Their natural coat is long and silky, but many owners clip it for easier maintenance

Corgi Queen Elizabeth II may be the most famous Corgi fan. The 13th most popular dog breed of the 196 approved by the American Kennel Club

Their tiny size and young looks give them a puppylike aspect. People forget that Corgis are busy herding dogs

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