The Fluffiest Dogs You'll Want to Cuddle

The Great Pyrenees temperament is smart, patient, and calm.

The thick, white, double-coated Great Pyrenees is a gentle giant among dogs. A double coat has a short, soft undercoat and a longer, rougher outer coat.

Golden Retriever Aside from their gentleness and flowing golden locks, these canines are smart and patient with children.


The Golden Retriever is friendly, intelligent, and loyal.

The thick, shiny golden double coat gives the Golden Retriever its name. Goldies shed significantly twice a year and moderately the res

Male 25-27.5 inches, female 23-26 inches The large, handsome Bernese Mountain Dog has a fluffy

 relatively long double coat with breed-standard tricolored markings (jet black, white, and rust). 

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