The Love Lesson Every Zodiac Needs Before Finding It

The sign of Taurus Love that is consistent and present in one's life is more impressive than love that is fueled by intense emotions.

Twins (Gemini) There is no such thing as "the one." Nothing even comes close. Throughout our lives, we will have the opportunity to love a great number of different peop

Cancer  The matters of the heart will always be vulnerable and frightening, but the only time you'll genuinely fall is when you dedicate yourself totally to the relationship in question.


Leo Not everyone will demonstrate their affection in the same manner that you will.

The Virgo sign There is no such thing as a flawless human; all that exists are flawed individuals who are nevertheless worthy of love.

A Scorpion Without having trust, love is impossible.

The sign of Capricorn Even when you want the walls around your heart to come down, it will be more difficult to do so if you build them up to a greater level first. Do not be scared to let love in

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